Parents sue to demand equal insurance coverage for autism – The Seattle Times

Parents sue to demand equal insurance coverage for autism
The Seattle Times
Should insurance companies cover autism and other neurodevelopmental disabilities like a chronic disease, with no limits on the number of visits for treatment? Class-action lawsuits filed against insurers demand equal coverage for mental-health conditions.

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Popular autism treatment might not be effective, study finds
Austin American-Statesman
Russell Lang, a Texas State University assistant professor, worked on a review of autism studies that he said should help families, occupational therapists and others identify research-based treatment options. By Jordan Gass-Pooré. A popular treatment

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Yale Daily News (blog)
Early autism treatment changes social behavior, brain
Yale Daily News (blog)
In a study published in the online issue of the Journal of Autism and Developmental Disorders on Oct. 27, Child Study Center researchers Fred Volkmar, Kevin A. Pelphrey and their colleagues showed that an early intervention treatment called pivotal

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New Study: Early Treatment Helps Autism
Emerging research suggests early treatment for children with autism spectrum disorders (ASD) can significantly improve behavior, stimulate communication and enhance brain function. Yale School of Medicine researchers have published their study findings
Autism Treatment, Best Time To Start?eMaxHealth
Earlier Treatment Greatly Benefits Children With AutismRedOrbit
Brain Findings Suggest Improvement for Young Children With AutismEducation Week News (blog)

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